Request for invitation

Dear DirectDemocracyS.

Request for invitation . Date.

For the invitation group, in DirectDemocracyS.

For all official members, and for registered users with verified and guaranteed identity.

The undersigned full name and surname.  

Date of birth.  

City and country of birth.  

Country of residence of the invited person.  

Email address.  

New username, chosen.  

I officially ask to be invited, to be able to register, and to be able to create a personal profile.

I attach an image with my face, with my identity document nearby and clearly visible, with a photograph (identity card, passport), and I guarantee that it is real and valid.

Reasons why I should be accepted:

I declare that I have informed myself, by reading the information published on the website, about the activities in DirectDemocracyS.

Oath to abide by all rules. 
I, the undersigned, swear that I will forever respect all rules, all methodologies, and all instructions, which I will receive from DirectDemocracyS, in all my activities in this organization.
I declare that I agree to, and approve, all checks by DirectDemocracyS of my personal data, to establish my identity, my age, my gender, my place of birth, my residence, my citizenships , my nationalities, my qualifications, my work activities, and all necessary data, at any time, in any way, as needed.
I declare that I am at least 18 years of age, and if not, I declare that I have obtained the authorization of both my parents, or, as the case may be, both my legal guardians, to register and participate in the activities of DirectDemocracyS .
I declare that all photographs, files, and images, external links, which I will publish on our websites, are my property, are not vulgar, and do not advertise of any kind.
I promise to carry out all activities, sincerely, honestly, basing them on logic, common sense, and mutual respect for all people.
I join DirectDemocracyS, after having read with great attention all the information published, having understood both the content and all the motivations.

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